Prostate Support

(Qty - 60 capsules) Dr. Nebbeling recommends that every man 40 years and older should take one of his Prostate Support daily. Dr. Nebbeling highly recommends Prostate Support because of the high quality of this product, other products only contain Saw Palmetto.

     Testosterone is metabolized down into dihydrotestosterone, by 5-alpha reductase enzyme and estradiol by aromatase enzyme, both cause prostate enlargement. Saw Palmetto inhibits 5-alpha reductase and blocks estrogen receptors in the prostate. Pygeum Bark at 50 mg inhibits growth factors for the prostate and blocks inflammatory enzymes. At 100 mg per day, Pygeum Bark has been proven to significantly decrease urinary frequency. Nettles Root blocks aromatase enzymes and reduces sex hormone binging globulin which increases as men age. This product contains a 2 month supply.

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