One on One Physician Training with Dr. Crisler

Announcing the One-on-One Program.

Dr. john Crisler is frequently asked by other physicians to provide individualized training in Interventional Endocrinology. He almost always turns down such requests, as they require a considerable time--and energy—commitment. Providing expert therapy in this field of medicine requires a solid knowledge base, and very detailed work; it’s hard to pack all he wants you to know into one day.

Now we have now put together a package that is extremely informative, useful --the practitioner may go back to their own practice, and implement these treatment modalities instantly—and, we hope, FUN.


The day will start (after breakfast, of course) with a private showing of Dr. Crisler’s “TRT: A Recipe for Success” lecture; and all your questions answered. You may also take home copies of his slide set, and accompanying printed paper, if you wish. Of note, the lecture evolves every few months, as Dr. Crisler updates with his new findings.

Then round with Dr. Crisler as he sees his patients that day. You will also be exposed to his treatment therapies for thyroid optimization and Adrenal Fatigue.

You will have the chance to ask Dr. Crisler about your own health issues.

If you wish, you are welcome to stay at Dr. Crisler’s private residence. This option is actually preferable, as it gives you more time together; in addition to saving hotel expenses.

All meals included. There is much flexibility here, depending upon when you come in, and what everyone is hungry for. You may be in a restaurant, or grilling on Dr. John’s patio.

Note: The daily schedule can be modified to fit your travel plans.

Transportation to and from Lansing Capitol City Airport (LAN).

Only $2,500 for the package


Lay persons considered on a selective basis.

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Price $2,500.00