This website does not directly sell medications. We only forward legitimate prescriptions, written by Dr. Crisler, for his patients, to the Pharmacy, or Pharmacies, of your choice. They may be sent to a conventional Pharmacy, our compounding “Preferred Pharmacy” (Empower Pharmacy), or another compounding pharmacy; or any combination.

No Prescriptions are issued directly from our office. All Prescription Requests, as well as Appointments/payments for medical care, must be made through the system. This is how we properly keep track of things.

We charge a $20 Script Fee PER PHARMACY. That means if you have all your prescriptions sent to the same pharmacy, you are charged only $20. Some patients will want prescriptions sent to more than one Pharmacy. For instance, some medications (perhaps covered by medical insurance) to a conventional Pharmacy, and others to a Compounding Pharmacy as well. They will incur multiple Script Fees.

If you choose to use our “Preferred Pharmacy” (Empower Pharmacy, in Houston TX) there is no $20 Script Fee. That is because we can just batch, and send them, all at once.

Empower Pharmacy does not process insurance, but they provide fully filled out insurance reimbursement forms for patients to submit to their insurance companies. All you have to do is ask them.

You are welcome to use whichever Pharmacy, or Pharmacies, you choose. That is Consumer Protection, and is a very good Law.

Compounded medications may be necessary because the desired medication may not be available at a conventional Pharmacy, or advantageous because Compounded medications tend to be less expensive.

Please provide the name of the prescription in the appropriate box. If you need a particular mixture, strength (%), or other specific, please let us know that, too. Dr. Crisler will tell you during your Office Visit what you will need. It’s always a good idea to take notes.

If your medical insurance stipulates certain particulars, such as the need to prescribe a 90-day supply, please include that information in the message section. That will help make sure there are no delays in getting your medications. And anything else you want to let us know.

If you request a medication you are not prescribed, the prescription will be ignored, and a $20 Cancellation Fee will apply. Please make sure you do not request medications which Dr. Crisler has not authorized for you.

If you are using a Compounding Pharmacy, and the word “Compound” does not appear in their name, please let us know in the Comments section. Prescriptions sometimes must be written in different ways for Compounders. This is important when requesting, for instance, HCG, Anastrozole, or Testosterone (or other) gels.

HINT: You can call your respective Pharmacy(s) to find out how much they charge for a given medication, so you can compare. You can also find out whether your insurance will pay for the medication.

Of note: due to changes in the medical insurance industry, we can no longer provide Prior Authorizations. It may therefore be beneficial to use a Compounding Pharmacy, in order to save money.

By Law, we can only provide a three month supply of testosterone. That means, at the three month point, you can not possess an unopened bottle/container of testosterone. We also can provide a maximum of one (10) mL vial of testosterone injectable at a time. It’s the Law. No refills can be provided for these 10mL vials.

Once Dr. Crisler has put you on a medication, at a particular dosage, you may continue to receive that medication, at that dosage, until Dr. Crisler makes a change. Please make sure you do not run out.

For Controlled Substances, please make your Refill Request around 2-3 weeks prior to running out. The Pharmacy cannot fill the prescription too soon, and they are very careful about this. Your entire Request will otherwise be withheld, until the Controlled Substance (i.e. Testosterone) can be refilled. If that happens, you may make arrangements to have a partial shipment, but there will be an extra Shipping Fee.

7-Kelo DHEA-5mg

7-Kelo DHEA

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Prescriptions requested for a conventional Pharmacy are forwarded to the Pharmacy within 3 business days (but usually by the next day).

Please allow up to 14 days for Compounded Medications to arrive at your home (although they usually end up arriving MUCH sooner). Please know that Prescription Requests must be processed by our office, then forwarded to the Compounding Pharmacy, with each medication individually produced for that exact patient. There are actually a total of four teams working in the background, to provide you the Compounded medications you otherwise would either not be able to get—as they are just not made by the major pharmaceutical companies—or delivered at a much more affordable price. And the Laws governing Compounding are becoming tougher and tougher. It is no small feat for everyone involved, but your right to the best healthcare is what counts most!

Whether the Prescription Request is being sent to a conventional or Compounding Pharmacy, you will get email notification when it (they) have been processed.

If we have to alter a Prescription Request, for instance, if you requested more than the Law, or our policies, will allow, a second email will also be sent to you.

If you have changed your address, please send an email to: so we can change same in your medical record. The Electronic Health Record system automatically prints on each prescription the last address provided to us. We want to make sure we are sending them to the right place. It is each patient’s responsibility to keep their contact information updated.

We cannot have Compounded medications sent to a Post Office Box. It’s the Law.

PLEASE do not try to obtain medications for which you are not already prescribed. Also—as many of these medications are Controlled Substances--DO NOT alter the dosage you are taking, on your own. In some select cases, Dr. Crisler will advise you in ways you may self-adjust your dose, in order to best help you. Violating this simple--but very important--rule may result in termination from the practice.

Individuals who have not had either a live, or Virtual Office Visit (VOV), in the past six months, will have their Refill Requests held until an appointment is scheduled. You are welcome to schedule your Appointment at the same time you make your Refill Request(s).

Thank you. We hope the above helps make clear our practice policies and procedures. It may seem like a lot; but safely, effectively, and legally providing medications for you by this practice is a system we have developed over the past fifteen years. It is designed to best care for patients with a wide variety of medical issues and needs, and in every State in the country. Once you get going, you will see how it best works for YOU.

Please contact us if you have any questions.